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UAV market is one of the fastest growing market today. Starting from expensive military UAVs or small consumer toys, UAVs are now venturing into commercial space, be it basic surveillance, photography, site inspections, monitoring crops, collecting geographical data, delivery services. Avenues are limitless.

Here come the opportunity for all the UAV manufacturing enthusiasts to showcase the capabilities of the Drones they are manufacturing.

Government of India is organizing a "Drone Olympics' under which various drone competitions shall be held and winners will be honoured with medals and Cash Prize.

Come forward and participate in the competition.


Air Force Station Yelahanka,
Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560063

Date of Competition

21 Feb 2019


A. Surveillance Competition

To determine the surveillance capability of the participant’s products. Due to the differences in capability for various configurations of UAVs, the competition is split into two broad categories:

  • Fixed VTOL (Multirotor)
  • Hybrid Designs

The weight classes that shall be considered for the competition are:

  • 4 Kilograms
  • 4-7 Kilograms for Fixed VTOL (Multirotor) and 4-20 kilograms for Hybrid Designs
Evaluation Criteria

The candidates shall be evaluated on the following (in order of priority) three parameters, with scores given based on weighted averages of each category:

  • Flight Time (40% Weightage)
  • Live Transmission Range in Full HD/1080p resolution in “Free band” S & C (40% Weightage)
  • Detection of Human sized targets (20% Weightage)

In the case of a tie, the winner shall be determined based on the Flight time first, then the Live transmission range, and then the detection of the human sized targets.

The competitions are defined below:

Electric Pure VTOL (Multirotor)

  • Competition 1: < 4 Kilograms

  • Competition 2: 4 - 7 Kilograms

Electric Hybrid Designs

  • Competition 3: < 4 Kilograms

  • Competition 4: 4 - 20 Kilograms
B. Weight Drop Challenge

To assess the weight dropping capability of UAVs.

Evaluation Criteria

Participants shall be judged based on the MTOW weight of the UAV that is required to complete a round trip deliver a 2 Kilogram weight to a designated target 2 Kilometers away. The winner shall be determined by the lightest machine that drops the weight successfully.

C. UAV Formation Flying Challenge

Two categories of UAVs are allowed to participate in this challenge

  • Fixed VTOL (Multirotor)
  • Hybrid UAV

The applicants, with 12 UAVs, shall demonstrate the following shapes in the vertical plane:

  • A Minus Sign (Minimum 5 UAVs)
  • A Formation (Minimum 5 UAVs)
  • A Three Spokes (Minimum 7 UAVs)
  • A Division Sign (Minimum 7 UAVs)
  • A Plus Sign (Minimum 9 UAVs)
  • A Multiplication Sign (Minimum 9 UAVs)
  • A Triangle Shape (Minimum 9 UAVs)
  • A Square Shape (Minimum 12 UAVs)
  • A “I” Letter Shape (Minimum 12 UAVs)
  • A “O” Shape (Minimum 12 UAVs)
Evaluation Criteria
  • Static Demonstration of the Shape for at least 30 seconds
  • Shapes requiring the same number of UAVs need to be done in the same flight.



1st Prize (INR)

2nd Prize (INR)

3nd Prize (INR)

Surveillance : Fixed VTOL (Multirotor), <4 Kg




Surveillance : Fixed VTOL (Multirotor), 4-7 Kg




Surveillance : Hybrid Designs, <4 Kg




Surveillance : Hybrid Designs, 4-20 Kg




Supply Drop Challenge




Flying Formation Challenge




General Conditions for Participation in ‘Drone Olympics’

I. All the participant are required to comply to the following Terms & condtions:-

  1. All teams/individuals need to register online by filling up the registration form and attaching requisite documents. Incomplete form will not be accepted and would entail the Individual team not being selected for participation.
  2. All participants must be 18 years and above in order to participate in any of the competition.
  3. All participants shall abide by the timelines as given in the website from time to time. Non-adherence would entail disqualification of the team.
  4. The Participant would comply the Guidelines of Government to India in regard to Communication restrictions as stipulated in M/o Communication and Information Technology Notification Dated 28.1.2005. Summary of Communication restrictions is attached at Annexure-1.
  5. The Participant would take all the necessary permissions / clearances required for import of equipment from concerned authorities of Govt of India such as DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), DoT(Department of Telecommunication), DGFT( Directorate General of Foreign Trade ), MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs), MoD (Ministry of Defence).
  6. The Participant would undertake that:
    1. They have Competency for operating the UAVs for ‘Drone competition’.
    2. They will strictly adhere to guidelines / instructions issued by appropriate authority of Government of India time to time, required to ensure security and safety of equipment, people, assets during the course of Drone Olympics.
    3. All the data captured in any form during the competition, shall be owned by the organisers and the organisers shall be authorized to delete all data captured by any participant.
    4. The UAVs being imported by Oversees participants shall be used only for the purpose of competition and shall not be demonstrated/displayed flown for any other purpose at any other place than the designated for the competition. The complete equipment shall be taken back by the participants to their respective countries immediately after the competition is over.
  7. The Participant shall only demonstrate equipment capable of the following features & fail safes:
    1. Return to home on low battery
    2. Spot Landing in case of GPS failure (In case the pilot judges that recovery in Remotely Piloted Vehicle / First Person View mode is not possible)
    3. Return home on Communication Failure
    4. Geofencing Capability
  8. The participants would be solely responsible for the safety and security of their equipment.
  9. The participants will strictly adhere to all security norms/restrictions as instructed by the Government of India from time to time.
  10. The expenditure on travel, boarding and loading rests on the individual team and Government of India is not liable for any breakages/damages/injury (to self/other people) during the complete course of the participation. (Third party liability insurance is recommended)
  11. In case there is more than one winner then the prize amount would be divided amongst the joint winners.
  12. Participants will be liable for any damage/collateral damage/injuries that would occur to any third party/team members/participants/public at large, Government Assets during the competition while flying their respective drones.
  13. The decision of Jury detailed by the Government of India for Prize money will be final and binding. It will not subject to any dispute.
  14. The Government of India reserves the right to request further and/or additional, documentation.
  15. For the publicity / advertising of the given competition the Government of India might use the provided documentation. The applicants can opt out of the above but shall need to state the same at the time of providing the information to the Government of India.
  16. Based on the number of participants, the preliminary rounds of competition may be organized from 18th Feb.19 from 1000 hrs to 1700 hrs at Government Flying Training School, Jakkur Aerodrome, Yelahanka Post, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064. Teams may report at the venue on 17th Feb 2019 from 0900 hrs for warm up purpose, including verification, registration, and to check their equipment. The top participants of each challenge shall demonstrate their capabilities on 21st Feb 2019 from 1000 hrs to 1200 hrs at the Yelahanka Air Force Station.
  17. The Government of India reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event without any notification, if it is satisfied that due to circumstances the proposed event cannot be held. Under such circumstances, the prospective participants are not entitled for any compensation or relief for the loss of any kind they may suffer.
  18. The Government of India holds the right to make any changes and amendments to these Terms and Conditions at any time without giving any prior knowledge whatsoever.

II. The participants are required to submit the UAV system/equipment details as per prescribed format.

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