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Aero India 2021

03 - 05 February 2021

Air Force Station, Yelahanka, Bengaluru


Aero India 2021 is being held at Yelahanka Air Force Base, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

The venue (Yalahanka Air Force Station Benglauru) is 15.5 Kms from the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru.

(A)          Business Days    03rd Feb 2021 (1300 hrs onwards)
               Business Days    04th– 05th Feb 2021 (0900–1800 hrs)

An Indian company cannot exhibit products developed outside India. Any Indian company/exhibitors found subletting or facilitating display of foreign exhibitors on space booth will attract penalty of Rs. 18 Lakh on the Indian company/exhibitor. The Organisers also reserve the right to order closure of such errant companies/exhibitors.

The last date for exhibitor registration is tentatively 20 Jan 2021.

Co-exhibitors can be registered under Exhibitors respective login. If the exhibitor brings in co-exhibitor with them, they shall have to get registration of their co-exhibitor and pay registration fee for their co-exhibitor also.

NoTDS amount on income tax is to be deducted. Any payments made with such deductions willnot be acknowledged.

Yes, the exhibitors can choose the location of their space while booking. It is subject to availability and it will be allocated according to the date of receipt of online request along with the prescribed payment. The organisers reserve the right to change or alter the allocated space in case of unforeseen contingencies or changes in the floor plan.

No. Exhibitors can only book space in the space designated for exhibition.

Indian Exhibitors can make onlinepayments through either Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking as per the mentionedcharges. Online NEFT/RTGS can also be usedfor making online payment. The important point to note is that the amount to betransferred is the exact amount as in the Challan. Furthermore, for securityreasons, a virtual bank account number is generated while downloading achallan. Exhibitors need to note that once a new challan is downloaded, thevirtual account number will change and if exhibitors try to make payment withan old challan, the transaction will get rejected. Also if the amount beingpaid is not exactly matching the challan, the transfer will get rejected.Foreign Exhibitors can make the payment offlinedirectly to the DEO bank account through SWIFT.

Possession of Space – Possession to exhibitors taking raw stand space will be given10:00 am onwards on 18 Jan 2021. For exhibitors under shellscheme, possession will be given 10:00 am onwards on 25 Jan 2021.For Chalet bookings / Outdoor display area, the same will be handed over to theexhibitor for activities 10:00 am onwards on 18 Jan 2021. Constructionof Stands – The interior design of the stand will have to bewithin the architectural controls laid down by DEO and design of the stand willhave to be approved from DEO/OSP prior 11 January 2021.

Each exhibitor will be entitled to 3 passes for 12 Sqm space booked and in multiples of space booked thereof.

Though not advisable, the same is allowed subject to availability of space and shifting to a space of equal or larger size, after due approval from DEO.

(a) Shell-space (Std) will include three sides, partition, fascia name, floor covering, five lights, one 5/15 AMP socket, one trash bin, one table and three chairs in 12 sq. meters.(b) Shell-space (upgraded) will include threesides partition, fascia name, floor covering, six lights, one 5/15 AMP socket,one trash bin, table with three chairs and carpeting. Electricity Charges will be extra.

Without prejudice to the rights and remedies available under this contract and in theevent of DEO agreeing in writing to any Exhibitor’s written request for releasefrom the contract, then the Exhibitor will be liable for all or any part of thecost as stated in the contract and shall be on the following scale:- (i) Cancellation prior to 60 days priorshow date, 25% of cost will be forfeited – prior 05 Dec 2020.(ii) Cancellation between 60 to 30 daysprior to show date, 50% of cost will be forfeited (05 Dec 2020 to 04 Jan 2021).(iii) Cancellation less than 30 daysprior to show date, 100% of cost will be forfeited wef 05 Jan 2021. These terms cannot be varied under anycircumstances.

Business Visitors can visit on 3rd, 4th and 5th February 2021 by registering and purchasing passes.

Exhibitors will have to submit the names of the people requiring the exhibitor badges in the Exhibitor badges section. The number of badges issued will be dependent on the space booked.

No, as on date this is not allowed. The matter is however under consideration.

Yes, however the same is subject to availability and booking of space.

The Event planning is consistent with COVID-19 protocols with built-in mechanism for enforcing social distancing and crowd control. Whilst a change in date is not anticipated, in the compelling circumstances of a necessity to reschedule, the Aero India-21 can be held in the succeeding 10+ months during 2021 as an alternate option. The likelihood of cancellation of the event does not merit discussion at this stage.

In case the exhibition is postponed in the same year i.e. 2021 because of Force Majeure reasons (including security measures and enforcement by public authorities), Exhibitor’s space and payment will be preserved for the new dates.

In case of event cancellation / no-show by participant, the Force Majeure clause of the Terms and Conditions would be applicable and an amount of 25% of the total payment will remain with the organisers as Organisers compensation of costs. It is clarified that in the first eventuality, the event will be postponed and cancellation would only merit consideration towards end of 2021.

1. Prescribed social distancing norms will be followed.
2. Emphasis on contactless experience to all Exhibitors and Visitors.
3. Limited persons allowed at any point of time inside venue.
4. Regular disinfection and cleaning of surfaces in venue will be ensured.
5. Usage of signage and digital messaging to participants.
6. Closing hour has been extended by 1 hour to stagger the crowd.

Following safety measures are being taken for COVID 19:
1. Compulsory wearing of facemasks
2. Physical distancing of 2 meters/6 feet
3. Hand washing/ hand sanitizing
4. Entry Screening
5. Persons with symptoms are not allowed and referred Auto thermal sensor/auto thermal image scanner at main entrance gates
6. Two hangars have been removed to decongest, 6mtr inter-spacing between smaller stalls, 3.5 mtrsAisle space is built-in the Hall design, number of personnel in a Hall will be restricted.
7. All manuals, brochure and literature will be in digital format.
8. All air filters in the ventilation system will be cleaned and checked prior to resumption of operations. Viral block filters will be placed on the exhaust side to preventair transmission
9. The electrical boxes and plumbing equipment will be disinfected during installation
10. Signages listing precautionary measures and face covering guidance. No mask no entry.
11. Hand gel dispensers will be available at frequent intervals (including at car park, reception areas).
12. Temperature monitoring provisions at the entrance and exit.
13. UV sanitisation / latest disinfecting techniques will be applied at the Halls, Chalets etc.
14. Decision on type of food availability at venue, seminars etc will be taken based on the prevailing circumstances closer to the event.

These events are outsourced to 5 star hotels and the hotels will be sensitised on the attendees/delegates profile so as to ensure that the COVID compliant measures are adhered to.A conscientious approach will be adopted to make it a business focused attendance.

Following measures are being taken for public days considering that more information will be available
1. Real time monitoring of crowd inside the hangar Creation of holding bay to hold about 1000 personnel i.e. Area 3.25 sq Meters/person or 15 persons/ gunta) at 02 locations
2. Auto sanitizer dispenser & foot operated dispenser at various locations
3. CCTV installation in the venue including halls to monitor and ensure social distancing & control over crowding and ensure public address system
4. A dedicated lane for vehicles movement with single entry & exit of the vehicles
5. Display of Do's and Don'ts for COVID-19 measures at different locations
6. Q-managers and boxes on the floor at all entries
7. AV unit for announcement to manage the crowd movement
8. Markings for physical distancing of 1 meter at various places like, queues at entry and exit of halls, in front of registration desks, in front of booths/stalls in the passageways, etc.
9. Frequent sanitization by using 2.5% of Lysol, commercially available of golf carts, exhibition hall by service providers & exhibitors
10. Limited visitorswill be allowed at any point of time inside venue.
11. Specific number of visitors will be allowed to enter inside Hall while maintaining social distancing (numbers will be pre-defined and arrived at in consultation with the health authorities).
12. Usage of signage and digital messaging to participants.
13. In view of the rules in force, AEROINDIA welcomes limited visitors simultaneously excluding exhibitors and service providers.
14. An entry and exit counting system will be put in place during the exhibition in order to know in real time the number of visitors present on the site.
15. Contactless experience for visitors to Aero India-21 will be planned to minimise bottlenecks, hold-points.

Yes, however close to the dates of the show a review will be taken keeping in mind the safety for all.

Footfalls at Aero India-21will be limited through controlled sale of tickets,staggered entry, monitoring of crowd build-up/crowd control, exhibition designed to facilitate free-flow at the cost of revenue loss.

After 31st October 2020, discounted rates of November 2020 will be applied and beyond 30th November there will be no early bird discount. The discount is for the exhibitors who repose the same faith in our ability to conduct the show as we have. The confirmed sale of 40% space in three weeks since launch (and a visibility of 20% more in the succeeding weeks) conveys that most exhibitors are willing to commit to the Aero india-21 at this stage. The availability of the early bird discount is therefore an incentive for our patrons and dilution will not be in the interest of majority stakeholders.

In the event of Cancellation of Event beyond the control of the Organiser the Force Majeure clause would be applicable. In case of Foreign reps inability to participate due to restrictions on travel (by Government of the participating country) etcwhich are also beyond the control of the Event Organiser, the Companies can be represented by their Indian subsidiaries and would therefore derive value from the event. It may be appreciated that Aero India-21 at that stage would have incurred significant expenses for setting up of infrastructure which cannot be omitted. Therefore, there will not be any refund of payment made on such counts.

Exhibitors will not be allowed to remove exhibits after 3rd day as the visitors are presented the opportunity to witness the displayed equipment which they otherwise remain elusive of. The 4th and 5th day of Aero India-21 have been earmarked as public days and most drills, mechanism would have been in force during the initial three days and further protocols will be adhered to ensure the Safety of all participants of Aero India-21. The restriction of number of visitors inside the hall and venue on public days has received focused attention of both the Ministry of Defence as also the Government of Karnataka. All measures in force with regards to COVID-19 will also be ensured at the venue and consultativemechanism with the health authority and state government are already in place.

The delegates requirement to attend the show in a time-bound manner is well taken and a policy decision for Aero India-21 attendees can be taken up internally in the Government. However, ensuring the safety of all exhibitors and abiding by the mechanism in vogue which will be also based on the trend in the following 2-3 months will ensure a safe Aero India-21 and will be bearing on the decision taken by the Government closer to the show dates.

• To establish that one is a business visitor, person should show the following documents in original
1. Confirmed return flight ticket which should not be more than 7 days later from the date of arrival
2. Documents pertaining to the purpose of visit/ invitation letter
3. Place of stay/ hotel reservation
4. Valid Visa
• If the business/short term visitor who is coming for short duration of 48 hours (counted from the arrival time) then he/ she is exempted from COVID-19 test & quarantine. All precautions of wearing mask, using hand sanitizer & respiratory hygiene should be followed.
• If the duration of stay in Karnataka is more than 48 hours and less than7 days then COVID-19 test shall be done (swab shall be drawn immediately on arrival for RAT) and after getting a negative report such a person can complete his engagements and go back.
• Business/ short term visitors who come with a negative RT-PCR test report shall be exempted from testing on arrival. This RT-PCR test should have been conducted within 96 hrs prior to undertaking the journey.

• Cot with mattress, chair & table, pedestal fan, mobile charging point
• Medical attendant (to be provided by govt. of Karnataka)
• Hand sanitizer, finger-tip oximeter, digital thermometer PPE kits, face masks, gloves, face-shield, N-95 masks

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